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The "Crown" of the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena is situated 10 miles (16 km) northeast of downtown Los Angeles and covers 23 square miles (60 sq. km) at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains along the Arroyo Seco. The renowned Mount Wilson Observatory atop Mount Wilson overlooks the city. [more info]



Ludwigshafen Ludwigshafen (lood´ vigs • häf-n), became Pasadena's original sister city through the efforts of the American Friends Service Committee in Pasadena, who wished to provide war relief to Europe after World War II, as had been done after the First World War. Strategically located on the Rhine River and home to Europe's largest chemical plant, B A S F, Ludwigshafen was bombed 107 times during World War II. [more info]


mishima Mishima (mee-shee-mah) became the second sister city of Pasadena in 1957. [more info]


jarvenpaa Järvenpää (the Finnish ä is pronounced like the a in cat), an urban community 23 miles (37 km) north of Helsinki, Finland's capital, became Pasadena's third sister city in May 1983. [more info]


van Vanadzor (vah-naht-zor) was established as Pasadena's fourth sister city in 1991. [more info]

Xicheng District, Beijing

xicheng Xicheng District, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China, became Pasadena's fifth sister city in October 1999, when Mayor Bogaard and Governor (Mayor) signed an agreement in Pasadena. [more info]


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